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The simple life tracker / mood diary that doesn't judge. Get to know yourself.

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Check out Nomie Classic for iOS or Android

Nomie is offline and out of the clouds. Your data is stored on your device.

It's your data. Get to via CSV Export, Dropbox import/export and even CouchDB Syncing. Full data liberation.

Create your own trackers from scratch, or pick from the growing Nomie Market place - you can even contribute your own Trackers to help improve the Nomie Community.

Pick from countless icons and colors for your trackers. Pick from 8 different overall themes, and even one that changes based on how good your day is going.

Nomie makes money by creating Cloud Apps for organizations who want to track internally with a centralized dashboard.

Matthew B. - Canada

Gordon G. - United States

Levi R. - United States

All wrapped up in a pretty little package.

Hi Internet, I'm Brandon Corbin.

For too many years of crazy highs / debilitating lows, and not listening to the doctors and therapists telling me I needed to keep a "feelings journal", I decided it was time to give it a try.

After trying all of the available apps for life tracking, it became perfectly clear: if I was going to track my life, I needed something stupidly easily. Nomie had to be built. I closed all of my other side-projects and started coding.

3 months later I released an MVP of Nomie (called Mento at the time) - that stored everyones data in Firebase, a cloud database now owned by Google. The problem was people track INSANELY private things with Nomie. So much in fact that I started freaking out knowing NO ONE should have this data but the user. I completely shutdown the MVP, and rebuilt it for offline only, this was the birth of Nomie.

Nomie truly has given me a new perspective on my life and "how I work". It helps me remember the good, when things ain't so good.

If you have any questions, ideas, business inquiries, or loving praise - send them to support[@], or join the Nomieer community over at r/nomie.

Keep on keeping on, Brandon. Connect on Twitter?