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Privately track all the good and bad in your life, with a tap of a button.

(Nomie sounds like: know me, and it's free).
"I can't live without this app... It lets you analyze every corner of your life and as a perfectionist I couldn't ask for more."
Matthew B. - Canada
"I track how much I spent per day, which helped me budget more effectively... [Nomie] helps you see the forest when you're among the trees"
Gordon G. - United States
"I'm now able to track how often I'm stressed, when I'm productive, how frequently I see friends or watch television shows, and how often I sleep each night."
Harriet H. - Australia
"A powerfully simple self-tracker that puts yourself into perspective."
Levi R. - United States

Completely private

There are no accounts or fluffy clouds filled with your private data.

It's your data

Unfettered access to YOUR data with Dropbox & CouchDB syncing and CSV export.

You be you

You pick what to track, if it's good or bad, the colors, the icons, the everything.

Nomie is free, really free.
No ads, no in-apps, just free.

What's the catch?
There isn't one. I built Nomie to help myself, which it has. Now, I find happiness as others use it to help themselves. It's that simple.
How will I make money?
Working with universities and institutions to conduct experiments with private groups, or Nomieer's who decide to join the experiment.

Hi Internet, I'm Brandon and this is my little techno-baby I call Nomie.

After too many breakdowns and a damn near complete-loss of self control, I decided it was time to get my head right.

I couldn't find an app that let me track anything I wanted, privately. So I decided to build it. It's now called Nomie.

Over the last year and a half I have gained an incredible amount of insight into "how I tick", and maybe more importantly, how to deal with it. I am hopeful others will find it just as helpful.

If you have any questions, ideas, business inquiries, or loving praise - send them to support[@], or join the Nomieer community over at r/nomie.

Keep on keeping on, Brandon